Welcome to Ishwaramalai House

Amidst the rustling coconut groves of Aliyar, Ishwaramalai House isn't just a retreat, it's a dream realized in wood and stone. Completed in 2022, it stands as a testament to the vision of Surajit and Madhu Roy. Surajit, a corporate veteran with a passion for architecture and heritage, discovered his haven in Aliyar in 2015. The lush greenery, the babbling brook, and the majestic mountains stole his heart. After retirement, he and his wife Madhu, an artist and environmental enthusiast, yearned to escape the bustle of city life and reconnect with nature. Together, they embarked on creating a unique sanctuary. Surajit, a keen collector and restorer of antiques, spent years scouring salvage yards and antique shops in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He was inspired by the traditional Kerala Nalakettu (house with a central courtyard) to construct with the time-tested combination of tile, wood and laterite stone.

Each piece of furniture, every pillar, door and window was selected by him and meticulously restored with the help of his team of carpenters from Kerala. For over two years, they lived and worked in half-completed rooms onsite as the house took shape. Surajit’s passion for antiques led to a unique approach to architecture. He meticulously chose the wood and furnishings first, then designed the house to incorporate these treasured pieces. The sheer volume of salvaged wood presented a delightful challenge, which led to an entirely wooden first floor library and a unique ceiling assembled using window shutters. Surajit and Madhu’s passion for the environment ensured that the house was built with nature, instead of on nature.

They embraced local and sustainable materials, and ensured minimal construction waste to build a home in harmony with its surroundings. The laterite walls and high ceilings provide natural cooling, while the porous texture of the brick doubles as a haven for pollinators, creating a living wall. At night, a gentle chorus of frogs in the rain-fed well makes for a beautiful lullaby. The house was built around the trees on the property, each one of which flourishes today - ensuring shade, sweet summer mangos and cool coconut water for all visitors. With delicate and detailed interior design inputs from Madhu, the house was finally complete. Towering over the property, the majestic mountain became its namesake – Ishwarmalai. Whether you're a nature lover seeking solace, a wildlife enthusiast, an architecture and antiques buff, or simply a traveler yearning for an experience of home, Ishwarmalai House welcomes you.

Amenities at the House:

  • 4 cozy rooms
  • Board games
  • Nature walks
  • Wildlife drives
  • Trekking
  • Palm Jaggery making




Escape the Ordinary

Address: Ishwaramalai House, Panapallam Road , Near Maitreyi Vedic Village, Kottur, Coimbatore-642101
GPS coordinates: 10.477168, 76.944444

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